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ATTENTION: Affects of coronavirus!

As a precautionary measure due to the spreading of coronavirus, our association has decided to suspend for now all activities that allow close contact in groups. We will monitor the situation and update this information as necessary. Stay safe!

MLL Korso-Koivukylä

MLL Korso-Koivukylä is a local association, which operates in the Korso-Koivukylä area. There are approximately 30.000 people.

Of course we are hoping to become Finland’s biggest MLL association! But that means that we have to start to organize more events, family cafés and other activities. We will be needing more volunteers to help us organize new acitivities. The volunteer can choose how active he/she wants to be: you can choose to be active once or twice a week or once a month. 

As a volunteer, you do this in your own free time and you are committed in your role. You can create new activities and make your dreams come true! We are truly open to new ideas!

The Local association is run by volunteers

As a volunteer, you can participate in board meetings and have a say in your own area’s activity. Would you like to have more music clubs for families? Outdoor events? Flea Market? Trips, for example to the Zoo? Would you like to open an international family cafe? Everything is possible! 

You can also support your local association by being a member. Please, join us here right away! It will cost only 25 € per year, which makes little more than 2 € per month.

Most of our activities are organized in Finnish, but you are welcome to participate even if you don´t speak Finnish!


The Mannerheim Leaque for child welfare (MLL) offers wellbeing for children, young people and families with children. 

MLL has no political or religious afflitation. Further information (different kinds of guides here):

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